February 2004 

Volume 1 Issue 1  



Welcome to the premiere issue of BAV News! Stay in touch and stay tuned for local veg events in your neighborhood!


Do you know what the best restaurant is for brunch or a meal under $10?

We do! The winners of our 2003 Vegetarian Restaurant contest have been announced; they included Millennium's, who swept four categories, as well as Herbivore, Shangri-La, Ananda Fuara and newcomer Stoa.  



Veg Prizes Galore!

Twenty voters were randomly selected to win prizes, donated by Wild Bryde Jewelry, Compassionate Cooks, VegDining.com, and North American Vegetarian Society.  “I never win anything so I'm kinda shocked” exclaimed Cathy, who won the VegDining.com card.  “Many thanks to you all, for this and for all your great work.”



Veggies in Action!

Through snow and threat of storms, Mike and Joanna led 15 adventurers (13 humans & 2 canines) on a New Year's Sierra Snow adventure!  The Vegan Snow Lodge trip received rave reviews:  “I haven't been around this many vegans in a while and the energy was wonderful.”

Trip photos: http://www.bayareaveg.org/gallery/snow04

Jordan, Lori and Erhhung & Yin Yin hosted Vegan Food Parties this month in Oakland , Mountain View and Sunnyvale respectively. And for those that enjoy dining out, Bob has been hosting monthly dinners at New World in Oakland since last August.  The next one is on Feb 15th.

A special nine-course Chinese New Year Dinner at Shangri-La, hosted by Tammy & Chris, kicked off our new dinner series in San Francisco.  Three dishes emerged as clear favorites of the 20 diners: Home Made Dry Tofu with Vegetal Pork, Vegetable Chow Mein, and Pie Pa Tofu Balls

Please give our event organizers and hosts – Mike & Joanna, Jordan, Lori, Erhhung & Yin Yin, Bob, Tammy & Chris – a round of vegan chocolate and applause!


News Bites

  • 1000+!!  Our primary mailing list (SFBAVEG) passes the 1000 member mark!
  • BAV joins the Bay Area Animal Rights Network http://groups.yahoo.com/group/baarn
  • The recent Veg 101 workshop in Berkeley was well received! Participants (including meat-eaters!) were motivated to reduce or quit eating dairy and meat, as well as go vegan!
  • Let's Veg Out! Once spring begins, so does our educational outreach! If you can join us at your local Earth Day, community fair, or farmer's market, please contact us
  • Vegan Food Party hosts are needed.  Please contact Tammy if you can host.
  • Our online bulletin board/forum has moved - http://www.bayareaveg.org/forum
  • When’s your vegan or vegetarian anniversary?  Send us your name, city, and month/year so we can celebrate with you in a future BAV News.


Highlights of Events in February

Sat 2/7 - Raw and/or Vegan Potluck - OaklandJordan
Tue 2/10 - Bay Leaf Café Dinner - Palo Alto - Sean (2nd Tuesday of every month)
Thu 2/12 - Coffee, Tea & Chat – Pacifica – Tammy & Chris
Sun 2/15 - New World Dinner - Oakland - Bob (3rd Sunday of every month)
Sun 2/22 - Zeni Ethiopian Dinner - San Jose - Lori
Thu 2/26 - Shangri-La Dinner - SF - Tammy & Chris (last Thursday of every month)

See Event Calendar at http://www.BayAreaVeg.org/events.php  for full details of all activities.