RSVP: Vegan Food Party - 4th Saturday Monthly - Vallejo - 07/28/18

Original Event Notes:

You are invited to join BAVeg and friends for our monthly Vegan Food party!

New exciting development: Will Tuttle, author of World Peace Diet, will be speaking at the event as well as leading a brief animal acknowledgement circle at the beginning.

5-5:30 Arrivals and greetings
5:30 - 5 minute animal acknowledgement circle
5:35 - 6:45 - Eating/socializing
6:45 - 7:20 - Will Tuttle talk and Q&A
7:20 - 8 pm More socializing and goodbyes
Madelaine Tuttle will offer her art for sale throughout the event
More info on Will Tuttle,

There is no cost to attend the Vegan Food Party or the presentation by Will Tuttle.

It is a great opportunity to
- bring out your favorite HOMECOOKED dish to share or "test" out new recipes on willing volunteers
- rehome a vegan book you no longer need, or perhaps pick one up
- meet old & new friends, and create community with others of a like-mind

This month we are trying something new -- build your-own-salad-grain-bowl.

We encourage you to participate in providing an array of vegetables and grains that allow creation of customized salad or grain bowls. However, if you prefer our tried-and-true "bring your favorite homemade vegan dish", that's still an option! See below for more info.

Event Time
Please plan to arrive at 5 pm for setup as introductions and dining starts promptly at 5:30 pm

IMPORTANT: Please bring your own individual place setting (what you need to eat with) as well as a serving utensil for your dish. We do not provide silverware or plates. Please bring re-usable items, not disposables, to minimize trash towards a zero-waste event.

Food guidelines:

Favorite Dish or build-your-own-salad-grain-bowl bar

Please bring your selection(s) in a serving dish with utensil, ready to eat (all washing & chopping as needed is already done). The quantity of food contributed should be sufficient for a minimum of 6-8 servings (which is our normal vegan food party amount).
  1. Bring your favorite homemade vegan dish (note, most people do not bring bowls, so soups or very liquid foods are not recommended)
  2. Bring a finished homemade vegan dish that can be the basis for our bar (i.e. bbq tofu, oven roasted chickpeas, roasted vegetables, savory bean dip/spread, sauteed veggies, seasoned tempeh or seitan) -- with serving utensil
  3. Bring uncooked components for the salad-grain bowl bar that are already washed/diced and ready-to-use (with serving utensil). To encourage diversity, we are asking folks to bring an item from each category. See list at bottom for contributions confirmed to date

Category 1

  1. Salad greens
  2. Shredded or diced veggies (raw, cooked)
  3. Your favorite homemade salad dressing
  4. Fruit (already washed/chopped, ready to eat)

Category 2

  1. Nuts, seeds or sprouts (no alfalfa sprouts)
  2. Cooked beans or sprouted beans
  3. Cooked grains or sprouted grains
  4. Anything else that goes great on a salad or in a bowl!

RSVP Please

Click on Donya's name above to RSVP. This is something new. It will either be fantastic or a plethora of beans, lol. In an effort to minimize redundancy, we encourage you to include in your RSVP whether you will be bringing your favorite homemade vegan dish, or if you will be contributing towards our salad/grain bowl bar. If the latter, please state what you will be bringing. We will update the listing with responses, so that we don't end up with all kidney beans or all fruit (which isn't necessarily bad, but it'd be more enjoyable to have more diversity)

Location: Private residence in Vallejo. Please RSVP for address by click on host's name above. This will be an outdoor event.

Your attendance at any Bay Area Veg sponsored event constitutes permission for your photograph to be used for any promotional purposes.

We will be expanding venues and hosting the VFP in other parts of Vallejo, American Canyon and Napa! We are looking for hosts for the fall, please let us know if you can help.

Everyone is welcome. You don't need to be vegan to attend, only your dish needs to be vegan. However, please respect the vegan community and space we are creating and refrain from non-vegan comments, mockery or rudeness - that is simply not welcome and won't be tolerated.

New to vegan food? Have questions or need recommendations for recipes? Want to stay in touch for more information?

Please join our Napa Solano community. You can join the interactive group on FB and we also have a newsletter. To be added to the newsletter mailing list for future distribution, please subscribe online

Salad Bar & Grain Bowl List

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