RSVP: Walk & Talk - American Canyon - 08/05/18

Original Event Notes:

Updated Friday AM - meet at 9:25 am, depart at 9:30 am. Forecast is a pleasant 81 for Sunday!

Let's do more than just EAT, lol

Let's get together for a walk!

During our July walk, we spotted adult swans with juvenile swan, mother mallard duck with a small group of tiny ducklings (very cute, maybe 8 or 9 adorable ducklings), squirrels, lizards, and jackrabbits.

Hiking separately, on other occasions, Paula saw juvenile coyote pups. I saw a deer & 2 fawn.

Based on discussion from last hike, we're going to start at 9 am if it's going to be a hot day or have a more leisurely start at 9:30 am if it's not a hot day.

We'll check the forecast a few days beforehand. Please RSVP to me with your email if you'd like to be included in that discussion. Or just check back to this event notice for the latest.

*** Wear a vegan/animal message tee! **

Or if you don’t have one, a tee with an animal or vegetable on it.

The park is scenic, lots of wildlife, and all flat. There are trees but it’s mostly open. Bring hat/sunscreen/water/snacks/lunch as you like. There are picnic tables in two areas.

More info/map

If you would like to hike with the group, please arrive no later than 9:00. We are departing at 9:10 am promptly. RSVP'ing with your cell # is lovely so we can check on you if you're running late. We're not a fast walking group so you can likely catch up with us.

Let us meet at the parking lot (free) on the corner of Eucalyptus & American Canyon Rd, by the info sign/water faucet. It’s a small parking lot, you’ll see it. City zipcode 94503 (if you're using GPS).

The trail is fairly level and wide, suitable for walkers. Dogs welcome. Kids welcome too (flat enough for young kids on bikes, too)

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