RSVP: Book Club Discussion: BEYOND BELIEFS - American Cyn - 05/19/19

Original Event Notes: We're starting up a book club. We will select a book to read, read it, then meetup to discuss it, every 2 months.

Book Club details

Our first book is Beyond Beliefs
"Vegans, vegetarians, and meat eaters can feel like they're living in different worlds. Many vegans and vegetarians struggle to feel understood and respected in a meat-eating culture, where some of their most pressing concerns and cherished beliefs are invisible, and where they are often met with defensiveness when they try to talk about the issue. They can become frustrated and struggle to feel connected with meat eaters. And meat eaters can feel disconnected from vegans and vegetarians whose beliefs they don't fully understand and whose frustration may spill over into their interactions. The good news is that relationship and communication breakdown among vegans, vegetarians, and meat eaters is not inevitable, and it is reversible. With the right tools, healthy connections can be cultivated, repaired, and even strengthened."
More Book Info

Bring your favorite books to share, your calendar, & future book ideas so we can make our selection for the July meeting.

Location: Pho Saigon Village, Sonoma Blvd (at Redwood), Vallejo (only vegan food may be ordered for this group activity)

RSVPs no later than Friday 5/17 encouraged. Click on my name above to RSVP

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