RSVP: Compassionate Dinner at Los Cantaros Restaurant - American Canyon - 01/26/20

Original Event Notes:

We are excited to announce a Compassionate Dinner series! We welcome everyone who enjoys vegan food to join as we eat our away around the North Bay.

Our second dinner will be at Los Cantaros in American Canyon. They have vegan grilled veggie burritos and tacos, yummy margaritas and addicting chips and salsa. THEIR RICE IS NOT VEGAN.

Please arrive promptly at 6 pm if you wish to be seated with the group. RSVPs greatly appreciated and walk-ins accomodated as space permits. (RSVP'ing means a seat will be held for 5-10 minutes, and then released so we don't take up more seats then we need)

Pay for what you order, plus tax/tip. Please bring an assortment of small bills. You can choose to order a dish on your own, or arrange with others to do family style. And be green - bring a reusable container for any leftovers!

Everyone is welcome to join, whether you are vegan or not. Just remember, for anyone seated with our group, only vegan food may be ordered and all conversation should be respectful of a vegan community.

Location: Los Cantaros Restaurant, 3427 Broadway St., American Canyon

California Health code does not permit animals in restaurants, so please leave your pets at home.

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