Advocates For The Animals At Six Flags
RSVP: Protest Six Flags Abuse and Neglect of the Animals - Vallejo - 01/18/20

Original Event Notes:

We can now interact with Six Flags' patrons at the front gate and place leaflets right into their hands.

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is essentially a stationary circus. Tigers, dolphins, walruses, various other mammals, and birds are kept hungry, forced to perform, and stuck in wretched little cages out of sight when they aren’t performing.

The marine mammals are kept in unhealthy water that makes them sick and die. The walruses’ water is so bad that they are mostly blind, and they suffer from parasites. Siku, at right, had so many parasites that she developed “rivers of snot” and turned into a mouth breather.

Meet on the street in front of Six Flags. Signs, banners and leaflets will be provided. Park at the Courtyard Marriott across the street for $20 or park for free by turning east onto Sage St., driving under HW 37 and parking on Griffin Dr. Don't pay $25 to park in the Six Flags parking lot.

Protest Location: Six Flags Discovery Kingdom 1001 Fairgrounds Dr, SW, Vallejo, CA

Leaflets as well as signs will be provided.

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