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UG = Ultimate Guide
BAV = Bay Area Vegetarians

Veg definitions for the Guide

These symbols, used for the restaurant and food vendor category, will tell you at a glance which type of veg offerings are available.

Restaurants and Food Vendors who sell exclusively/primarily Vegan food. Vegan foods are free from all animal/insect products or by-products.
Restaurants and Food Vendors who sell exclusively Vegetarian food. Vegetarian foods are those produced from vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, and sometimes eggs or dairy products.
Vegan Friendly
Vegan Friendly
Restaurants and Food Vendors who are not necessarily vegetarian establishments, but offer a selection of options suitable for vegans and vegetarians.
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegetarian Friendly
Restaurants and Food Vendors who are not necessarily vegetarian establishments, but offer a selection of options suitable for vegetarians.

Guide Category

All the entries in the Ultimate Guide are categorized based on type. This will allow you to easily show all entries in a specific category. The categories are as follows:


Restaurants & Food Vendors
While most businesses in these categories will be restaurants, other types of businesses that sell food on a regular basis at a set location will also be listed, such as vendors at Farmer's Market, concession stands at ballparks, etc. Look at the veg category to see if the restaurant offers a menu that is entirely vegan or vegetarian, or is vegan- or vegetarian-friendly.

Food Stores
Natural, whole foods, health, or specialty type stores that exclusively sell vegetarian or vegan foods, or stores that are well-known for carrying a large selection of veg*n foods.

Retail Stores
Retail stores where the majority of goods sold are vegan, vegetarian, or animal free. e.g. shoe stores, vegan boutique.

Lodging, Hotels, Motels, B&B's which offer vegetarian fare.

Farmers Markets
Local markets where you can buy farm fresh produce.

Typically these will be services that a business provides that are specifically and specially geared towards the veg*n community, or are businesses that are owned and operated by veg*ns. The latter is useful if you want to keep your discretionary dollars within the veg community. Example: A vegan who owns/runs an optometry practice.

Local publications that target the vegan/vegetarian/healthly/progressive community. Please do not include national publications.

Animal Sanctuaries
Sanctuaries which offer homes to abandoned and rescued animals. Typically they are open to the public periodically, and the animals serve as ambassadors to the public to raise awareness and educate the public.

Catering Companies
Vegetarian and Vegan Catering Companies.
Organization/Non-Profit Community or non-profit organization whose goals and objectives align with ours (promoting veganism or helping animals, without harming other animals)

About Listings / Accuracy

The accuracy and currentness of UG relies on our eyes and ears in the community -- you!

All entries in the UG will have a "Last Update" date. This will provide when the information was added, or last updated. If you are traveling from afar, we do recommend calling ahead to avoid being disappointed.

About Reviews

Registered users may submit a review based on a 5 star system, with five stars being great and zero stars being not so great. The graphical representation below shows the possible ratings and their relative rankings.


When a restaurant has multiple reviews, the overall rating shown is the restaurant's average score.

How To Post a Review in the Ultimate Guide

To post a review in the Ultimate Guide :

1) You need a UserID on the BAVEG website. This UserID is distinct and separate from any other userids that you may have on Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. It can be unique, or you can use the same name as one of your userids on another site if you like.

a) If you already have a userid on the BAVEG website, then go to step 2
b) If you already have a userid on the BAVEG website but forgot your password, still go to step 2
c) If you don't have a userid on the BAVEG website, then you can sign-up to get one. Register then proceed to step 2

2) Find the restaurant you want to review in the Ultimate Guide

3) In the listing for each business, there is a button called "review". Select that. The next screen may ask you to log in. (This is also where you'll have the opportunity to select the link "I forgot my password" to re-establish your ability to login)

4) Type your review, and that's it!

TIP: When you are logged into the BAVEG website, on the Ultimate Guide page, there is an Profile Link to the right. This will show you your profile on our website, and can be used to see all the reviews you've ever done and provide a centralized place if you want to modify reviews for any restaurants that you've visited.

This BAVEG website UserID is also used in our forums..

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Average Cost is the average price of a meal after tax and tip

= $5-$10
= $11-$20
= $21-$30
= $30+

Special Symbols

Signifies that the business won an award in our annual Best of Veg contest. The Best of Veg offers Bay Area Vegetarians members and the community at large an opportunity to pick the best vegetarian dining opportunities in the San Francisco Bay Area. For more information, visit the Best of Veg page.

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