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Name Key Address City Phone Area
Andy Nguyen's Vegetarian  Vegetarian 4 Reviews 2007 Broadway Sacramento (916) 736-1157 Other
Anna's Vegan Cafe  Vegan 1 Reviews 3500 Stockton Blvd Sacramento (916) 451-6842 Other
Bodhi Bowl  Vegetarian 1 Reviews 6511 Savings Pl, Ste 100 Sacramento (916) 428-4160 Other
Green Boheme  Vegan 1825 Del Paso Blvd Sacramento (916) 920-4278 Other
Loving Hut  Vegan 3500 Stockton Boulevard Sacramento (916) 451-6842 Other
Noble Vegetarian  Vegetarian 5049 College Oak Dr Ste A Sacramento (916) 334-6060 Other
Sacramento Natural Foods Co-Op  2 Reviews 1900 Alhambra Blvd Sacramento (916) 455-2667 Other
SK Publishing/Alternative Publishing Company  2464 Marconi Ave. Sacramento (916) 488-4150 Other

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