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Average rating:4.56 out of 5 stars 4.56 / 5.0 Based on 16 reviews.

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4.5 out of 5 stars FRAGRANCE LAND NEEDS YOUR PATRONAGE!!! We went there last Sunday, 1/11/09, and found out that they're now going to be CLOSED ON MONDAYS. They're not getting the patronage that they need, so are closing now one day a week. We love this little gem. The food & service is great! Please tell your friends to go to Fragrance Land, so it doesn't end up like other good veggie places and be closed. carolroars
Reviews: 8
1 out of 5 stars I will not return. Items I ordered that were labeled as egg and dairy free were not. The walnut shrimp was listed as no eggs, but it arrived coated in mayonnaise. When I asked them to show me the jar, it was regular mayo, not vegan. One of their curries says no dairy, but when I asked, she said "only a little bit of dairy." I don't mind if some items aren't vegan, but they lie on the menu. dviolet
Reviews: 15
5 out of 5 stars Fragrance Land is my new favorite! AaronS
Reviews: 2
4.5 out of 5 stars We love this place. See our reviews & pics here. Review 1 | Review 2 VnV
Reviews: 2
5 out of 5 stars At my request, my carnivous, vegetarian- skeptical relatives took me to lunch here, and everyone totally enjoyed it! The favorites were the Brocoli & Veggie "chicken" and the House Special Rice. We had several dishes and they were all terrific. We had the place to ourselves (Saturday at noon) and the service was friendly and fast. I can't rave enough about this great restaurant. terrykoch1
Reviews: 1
5 out of 5 stars Excellent mostly vegan Chinese restaurant. Non-vegan options are clearly labeled on the menu, and the staff is very helpful in pointing out which items have egg or dairy. The scallion pancakes are amazing, and the handmade chow mein and curry veggie "chicken" are great too. Friendly service. LisaT
Reviews: 1
5 out of 5 stars Great place for large group dinner with the round tables. 6 people shared 2 appetizers, 6 entrees and was less than $13.50, tax/tip included! Portion sizes are good, friendly service, nice decor, too. I enjoyed all the dishes, particularly the scallion pancakes, salt & pepper "fish" and the "chicken" curry. A small number of items have eggs or dairy, and are noted on menu. Would return again. tammy
Reviews: 138
5 out of 5 stars I had an excellent noodle dish today - Taiwan Style Noodles. It was a very generous serving, with good ingredients. Extensive menu with many healthy options. They are really good about helping people who want to avoid eggs, dairy, garlic, onions or whatever - so no one should go hungry here with all the choices. Too bad I don't live in Cupertino; I'd eat here regularly. Nice people too. greg
Reviews: 133
4.5 out of 5 stars I attended a BAV dinner and had a great time. I love the family style setting and friendly staff. They were very accomodating to make sure the dishes were vegan. Yummy, too! VegGirl
Reviews: 1
5 out of 5 stars Fragrance Landís is an outstanding place. I had a dish the other night called Sesame Mushrooms and it was fabulous and I donít even like mushrooms. Another dish that is really good is Crispy Fried Tofu, Celery and Taro. I plan on going enough times to try everything on the menu. The prices are great. Had a vegan dinner there the other night and there were 7 of us it was $10.00 a head including taxes and tip and the food was terrific. The first time my husband and I tried Fragrance Land we went for lunch and their lunch menu has a lot of things to choose from. You can substitute the eggrolls for pot stickers which have no egg in them. The top half of the lunch menu there are 9 dishes to choose from and none of them have egg or dairy in them but they do come with eggrolls and like I said you can change to the pot stickers. Omoie
Reviews: 1
5 out of 5 stars It's definitely one of my favorite Chinese restaurants. The food is delicious, place is clean and there are a lot of items on the menu to choose from. I will be visiting this restaurant quite often. Lena Lena
Reviews: 1
5 out of 5 stars Terrific! - authentic style food and ambiance. The service was great, they are very friendly and hospitable, and willing to make substitutions to your dish as you request (if they are able to). I have eaten there twice with the BAV group and both times the food was excellent, not greasy either. I really liked the Crisp Fried Tofu with Taro, and the Shredded Tofu, Celery, Carrot. Very Tasty! kattsndawggs
Reviews: 3
5 out of 5 stars Outstanding place! My wife always said that honey walnut shrimp would be the one dish that could tempt her back to meatasaurusness, until she tried the amazing fake shrimp version here - texture just like shrimp and good approximation of the taste. Tomato based sweet and sour was very good; again excellent texture and taste of fake meat. Eggrolls were crisp and not oily. We'll go back soon. robm351
Reviews: 1
3.5 out of 5 stars Only been for lunch. The lunch special menu is very limited when it comes to vegans. Lots of eggs and dairy in things, like the egg rolls and soups. No alternatives or substitutions. So the lunch special deal isn't so special or money saving. Much prefer Garden Fresh for a quick lunch. chris
Reviews: 82
5 out of 5 stars Ingredients used (such as faux meat) a cut above other Chinese veggie places. Very nice people & really good food. Unlike many rests. they use onions and garlic (and eggs & dairy) but are very accomodating to dietary needs. Business is slow - it's a tough area for this style of rest. - check them out - they need your support. hughbc
Reviews: 7
5 out of 5 stars Impeccable cleanliness, low prices, and consistently good food. Youíll rarely find a restaurant so utterly spotless, and the most expensive dish on the menu is under ten dollars. All vegetarian and about 80 percent vegan. Highly recommended. erikmarcus
Reviews: 1

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