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2 out of 5 stars I used to love this place when they had Buffalo Girls, Hell Fish Tacos, and Seitan Fish N Chips. As a Vegan, there really isn't a very compelling reason to go there much more since the the sole owner decided to remove these Vegan standouts from the menu because he supposedly got bored with the menu. I guess he doesn't really care that his vegan devoutees were not bored with those dishes. sfliberal
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0 out of 5 stars I used to love Weird Fish. The vegan buffalo girls and seitan fish and chips made my heart sing. It was my favorite guilty pleasure. And now, without warning, it's gone, all gone. Replaced with inferior appetizers and sides that can never compare. No more amazing vegan brunch. No more deliciousness. This is one vegan who won't be returning to Weird Fish until the old menu is back. Dana
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4.5 out of 5 stars i had the seitan with sesame ginger "fish n chips" ... chips were made with both yams and regular potatoes, very yummy! and i had the "WEIRD SALAD" which was also very good. fun ambiance, a great date place. Go there at 5 PM on Sunday, you will have ZERO WAIT IN LINE, guaranteed. calicokitten
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5 out of 5 stars So excited to find vegan pancakes in SF and not have to fly to Portland. The pancakes and tofu rancheros with avocado was awesome and the cheesecake to die for. It is a fun, different and quaint place providing tasty and rich food to vegans as wells as everyone. So lets praise them for doing something special and very difficult in this uptight and critical society of ours. Vegan Wannabe
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4 out of 5 stars Weird Fish is weird & sadly even has “risky fish”, but most of what is not fish is vegan (tofu, seitan, tempeh, soy cheese, soy cream). We had the edamame noodle salad w/ spinach/red pepper/sesame/hemp seeds, tofu/seitan tacos w/ mango salsa, beans & plantains w/ soy cream, fish & chips tofu-style which came w/ sweet & regular potato fries & a sesame-ginger dipping sauce along w/ cabbage salad. Dan
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3.5 out of 5 stars Service and friendly staff great, food average to good based on Hell Taco and Tortilla Soup with avocado and vegan sour cream dinner that I had. Nice to have a place open late that does serve vegan items. Knowing my food may have been on the same cutting board or cut with same knife as raw fish makes me a little queasy, but not enough to have kept me from enjoying my meal. Vegan Living
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5 out of 5 stars I love this place! It's nice to go somewhere with non-veg friends and be able to eat the same artery-clogging battered & fried items they are. There are even 2 different types, tofu and seitan! And then vegan cake for dessert! Or, you can get the delicious edamame & buckwheat noodle salad if you're into health. The space is super cute, and the nice & funny owner is often there. A favorite. meliae
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4 out of 5 stars Fun, cozy restaurant and tried the "fish n chips" with tofu as well as the seitan, both good, but I think the tofu slightly better. The "chips" were yummy. Love that vegan items clearly marked on menu. Very close to BART. tammy
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4 out of 5 stars unique vegan dishes you can't find anywhere else. Spicy Avocado Soup, fried Tempe with sweet potato and reg potato fries, "Buffalo" wings made from Tempe. Out the door, lunch $12, Dinner $20. The food is more than I can eat. The owner used to date a veggie gal that why he has so many vegan dishes. He knows there's a demand for vegan food. I'm not used to eating fried foods, stomach is heavy. sunny
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4.5 out of 5 stars Food is excellent and highly recommended. Nice decor and atmosphere. Knowledgeable of veganism. Tasty and creative dishes. All of that said - with the exception of a very few items on the menu, everything is deep fried. Probably one of the most unhealthy places to eat. But a lovely treat! atmosphere
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4 out of 5 stars they do serve dead animals, so I can't give a 5, but their vegan options are DELISH! vegan apps, main dishes, and desserts (not Black China cakes, either!). Vegan "fish and chips." Tofu tacos. Deep fried pickles (yes). They know what vegan is, vegan is marked on the menu, the food is fresh/fun/unique/scrumptious. Small, no reservations, be prepared to wait but worth it. Really. MyshkinIsPerfect
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