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5 out of 5 stars The won ton soup, Guru Curry, are one of their best dishes. For the soup I asked for fried tofu instead of their fake "pork". The restaurant is a great place for people watching, I feel like I'm a gold fish inside a fish bowl. Thank G*d this place is busy most of the time. I hate to be the only customer sitting alone. Good clean service. They are veg folks trying their best to make ithappe sunny
Reviews: 81
5 out of 5 stars This place is great. Friendly service. Yvonne is great. I love how bright and cheerful the decor is. The menu items don't have any animal names. The waitress said that they want to get away from people thinking of animals as food :) My fav dishes: rice claypot, orange sesame bites, spicy bun soup, fried bananas for dessert. Took a hardcore carnivore here and she loved it. bunnygirl
Reviews: 23
4.5 out of 5 stars This is my new favorite veg place to eat in San Francisco! So many wonderful things to try on the menu! I have been here twice, and have loved all the dishes, especially the cabbage salad and the mango salad. Can't wait to go back! I love the location in such a vibrant Chinatown location, just steps from North Beach. calicokitten
Reviews: 34
5 out of 5 stars We had a fine Veganauts lunch here today. Tried many things, all of which I liked. It's nice to finally have a fully vegan restaurant in this part of SF. Most of the food is quite healthy and not too fattening. The employees were quite nice and the service was very good and accomodating of our large group. I will definitely return. greg
Reviews: 133
4 out of 5 stars Dined with Veganauts, shared many dishes, ended up paying a low price for the very large and varied selection. I'd call it solid if not spectacular, with some dishes not usually found in the Golden Lotus/Era style of restaurants. No dishes I didn't enjoy. Service efficient & reasonably fast. Good to have Loving Hut in Chinatown to go along with the other locations for this style of offerings. Vegan Living
Reviews: 95
3 out of 5 stars Ordered 4 dishes to share family style. Appetizer combo of several different soy proteins was overpriced at $10 (the picture on the menu looks better than the actual dish) and underwhelming in taste. Deluxe lemongrass dish was delicious (would definitely order this again); veggie combo and the sweet & sour were okay. The latter was mostly veggies, few soy protein nuggets. Service okay but scarce. tammy
Reviews: 138
2.5 out of 5 stars Ordered Vietnamese noodle soup Bn B Huế $6.95 & 2 "egg" custard tarts $3.45 to go. Didn't realize til later that perilla, bean sprouts, lettuce & chilis for soup were missing--either they forgot, or don't know how to make Viet food. Soup just wasn't the same w/out accompaniments--and they were cheap on tofu. Tarts had texture & floury taste of Play-Do. Also using banned plastic bags & boxes :( sodajunkie
Reviews: 3
2.5 out of 5 stars Chinatown really needs a nice veggie place, but Loving Hut sadly comes up short. Decor is nice and bright, but service was lacking/indifferent and the food wasn't great. We ordered the sample starter plate but it was bland and looked nothing like the menu photo. lemon grass dish was good, but no real veggies with it, and all it was was seasoned fake meat they bought in. The veggie stir fry was just okay, but over cooked. Best parts of the meal was the Black China which can be had at much better restaurants. chris
Reviews: 82
2.5 out of 5 stars They do subpar copies of dishes from International Vegetarian House in San Jose. detodosmoles
Reviews: 1
3 out of 5 stars we ordered from both the lunch and dinner menu. lemongrass rice plate was delicious but dry. needs sauce. the bean curd sheet five spice dish was much too salty. spicy "shrimp" needed a dipping sauce. overall, i'd say the food is too salty and the entrees need sauces over the faux meats. great service-super nice people. TV was on the whole time-distracting. veggiegrrrl
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