Best of Veg 2005

We are pleased and excited to announce the results of the 2005 BEST OF VEG sponsored by Bay Area Vegetarians. Thank you to the members of Bay Area Vegetarians and the general community for their votes and participation in our 3rd annual survey to recognize the BEST OF VEG in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Click here for the voters randomly selected to win a prize.


Best Vegan Best Vegetarian
Millennium Herbivore
Millennium Herbivore

Interestingly, in previous years, Millennium won both top awards. But this year, however, vegetarian restaurants Greens and Geranium made a strong showing and split votes that Millennium would have otherwise received, allowing Herbivore to claim the honor as the Best Overall Vegetarian restaurant.



East Bay - Cha Ya
North Bay - Slice Of Life
San Francisco - Millennium
South Bay and Peninsula - BayLeaf Cafe



Best New Veg Restaurant - Vegetarian Gourmet and Ital Calabash (tied)
Best Asian Food - Cha-Ya
Best Indian Food - Udupi Palace
Best Veggie Burger - Herbivore
Best Vegan Dessert - MaggieMudd
Best Vegan Pizza - Lanesplitter Pizza & Pub
Best Raw Food - Café Gratitude
Best Everyday - Herbivore
Best Special Occasion - Millennium
Best Service - Millennium
Best Restaurant for a Casual Veggie Date - Herbivore


Favorite Local Activist

There are many local activists who work tirelessly to help animals and others. We wanted an opportunity to recognize and thank local activists for their efforts, hence this category "Favorite Local Activist". We'd like to thank everyone for their time and energy in making the Bay Area and beyond a more veg and animal friendly place to live.

This year, two individuals stood out and received an overwhelming number of votes and praise from their peers and the local community. Congratulations to Christine Morrissey of East Bay Animal Advocates (who was also acknowledged by the community in 2004) and Nora Kramer of CHOICE; both are tireless advocates for animals.

We'd also like to thank everyone who was kind enough to acknowledge the efforts of Tammy and/or Chris, as well as Bay Area Vegetarians (blush!) It was very uplifting to read all the comments and to know that we are making a difference -- that is the best reward of all.


Bay Area Vegetarian Dining Factoids

What types of foods do you eat when out?

Vegetarian/Mostly Vegetarian  36%
Vegan/Mostly Vegan 56%
Omnivore 8%

How often do you eat out (per week/average)? 3.6 times

How much do you spend eating out (per week/average)? $64


Voter Prize Winners

With the wonders of a random number generator to identify random votes, and thanks to our prize donors, the following folks voted and won:

Cookie Gift Basket donated by Sun Flour Baking : Claire W.
Tofurky feast donated by Turtle Island Foods : Sara J.
Satya magazine subscription donated by Satya : Terry S.
McLibel DVD donated by Cinema Libre Studios : Lisa H.
Soy Delicious ice cream donated by Turtle Mountain (winners receive their choice of any 5 products): Jenn D., Ola F., Amalia G., Samuel, Andrea M., and A. Reynaga


Previous Years

Voter Prize Donors

We'd like to thank Sun Flour Baking, Turtle Island Foods, Satya magazine,Cinema Libre Studios and Turtle Mountain for donating voter prizes.

Voter Prizes

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