iPod Bay Area Vegetarian Guide

BAVeg Guide on iPod

We've created a handy version of our Ultimate Guide for your iPod.

It's easily installed by downloading a file and moving it content to the 'Notes' directory of your iPod. The Guide does not programmatically alter your iPod in any way: it's simply a collection of documents organized for easy browsing.


The Guide should work with any iPod as old as a 3rd Generation: including the Mini, the Nano, the Photo, and the 5th Gen Video. The Shuffle is obviously not going to work.


Version 1.2 last update 8/17/09

baveg_ipod.zip - 19k ( Windows, Mac OS X )
baveg_ipod.tgz - 7k ( Mac OS X )


Unzip/untar the download. When your iPod is connected to your computer, copy the entire 'Bay Area Veg Guide' directory into the 'Notes' directory of your iPod [more about this]. Now, when using your iPod, you can find local restaurants by navigating to the 'Extras' directory, and then into the 'Notes' directory.

Additional Veggie iPod Tools

You may also want to check out the Animal Ingredients List A-Z for iPod. Special thank you to Joshua for allowing us to use his iPod instructions page.

Additional installation notes

If you have trouble with the installation, here are some additional notes…

First thing you need to do is click that little 'iPod' icon at the bottom right-hand corner of iTunes when your iPod is connected to your computer: this will bring up your iPod's preferences.

At the bottom of the preferences is an option to 'Enable disk use', make sure this is checked. (If it wasn't checked, you might want to disconnect and reconnect your iPod after checking the box.)

Now your iPod should show up in the Finder or on the Desktop (Mac), or in My Computer (Windows). If you double-click that iPod icon, inside there should be a folder named 'Notes'. Drag the 'Bay Area Veg Guide' folder into that 'Notes' folder, and you should be good to go.

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