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Staying connected - Win a Tofurky!
PreetiRang Sanctuary   

We want a more vegan Bay area. For the animals. For the planet. For our future.

We want to help those who are new to the Bay Area or new to plant-based eating to feel connected and supported, and to support those who are actively promoting veganism.

There are a lot of wonderful activities happening in the Bay Area. We want to make them more visible to everyone.

You can help by adding your events or checking that the events you like to attend are listed on our website calendar, and therefore subsequently published in an upcoming newsletter like this one to our 5K subscribers. [submit event]

For small groups who don't have the resources to manage a mailing list for event reminders, let us do that for you via this newsletter.

And - as a fun way to end the year, join us for dinner at Go Vegan in Antioch.

Tofurky Giveaway! Enter and Win!

If you are a Facebook user, we have a $30 Tofurky Feast to giveaway (thanks Tofurky!). Visit our FB page to enter. Good luck!

- Tammy & Chris
Co-Founders of BAVeg

Oakland: Ban the Bullhook!
Ban the Bullhook   

Support the Oakland Ordinance to Ban the Bullhook! Please attend the Dec 2 City Council Meeting. Everyone (Oakland resident or not) is encouraged to email and attend the meeting (and speak up). Oakland residents are additionally encouraged to call their district representative.

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News Bites
News Bites   

Read the interview with BAVeg co-founders Tammy and Chris in the Vallejo newspaper. We're raising the profile of veganism in Napa and Solano counties, one leaflet, one person, one food bite at a time! [link]

  • Planting the Seeds of Compassion and Good Health: BAVeg volunteers have distributed 9,524 leaflets in the past 3 months, through leafleting at local colleges during the week and Saturday outreach at the Vallejo Farmer's Market. Contact us if you're interested in helping us create change.

  • Want a shout-out for your product or company?

We welcome vegan product donations, coupons, or gift certificates that we can giveaway online or during our 4th Saturday dinner events. Contact us if you'd like to be featured.

  • Got news to share ? Send us the details to share via email. Please include your name and role in the organization, too.


Ultimate Guide Updates
Ultimate Guide updates   

Contra Costa County is on a roll for new vegan restaurants. Go Vegan (Antioch) just opened, serving Vietnamese food, similar to Veggie Today (Concord). Baagan (San Ramon) opened earlier this year. We've been getting regular construction updates on Veggie Grill in Walnut Creek for awhile. Just recently a VG Corte Madera cashier said it will open on Dec 17th (thanks Mitch). Until then, Saina is another choice for vegan dining in nearby Concord.

With much anticipation, Golden Era (who lost their lease last fall) is now open, just over a year later, at their new SF location on Golden Gate Avenue. Their Grand Opening is Dec 2nd. Who's keep an eye out for the opening of Miyoko's Kitchen retail store in Fairfax?

Got an Opinion on Veg Food? Share it -- give a shout to your favorite places to eat veg in the Ultimate Guide, our online database of vegan and vegetarian restaurants, and veg-owned businesses.

Offer a service specific to vegan and vegetarians? Are you a veggie business owner? It's free to list your business in our Guide. Please add it, then encourage your customers to do a review.


Napa Solano Vegans
Napa Solano Vegans   

We think history was made on November 22nd with Vallejo's first Vegan Food Party (aka potluck). We had approximately 20 people at our feast, with the majority from the Napa and Solano areas. We sampled delicious vegan roasts from Tofurky and Gardein; please join us in thanking Tofurky and Dariece/Vallejo Yoga for their respective donations.

Based on feedback, we will have two monthly events - 3rd Saturday outreach at the Vallejo Farmer's Market and a 4th Saturday dinner event, alternating between a vegan food party or a trek to a local restaurant.

You will find us at the Vallejo Famer's Market on 12/20. With the holidays, the monthly dinners will resume on January 24 . If you live in this area, please also sign-up for the Napa Solano edition of our newsletter.

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Staying connected - Win a Tofurky!
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