Vegan Food Parties

VFPs are fun events where like-minded folks can meet & mingle while enjoying delicious vegan foods with old & new friends.

Vegan food is a celebration of life. It is a style of vegetarian food that is healthy for us, kind to the Earth, and compassionate to the animals.

Vegan food is entirely plant-based, free from all animal flesh and animal/insect by-products, such as eggs, dairy, whey, and honey. Vegan foods are the most basic or lowest common denominator, and edible by all types of vegetarians and pre-vegans.

So show off your favorite vegan foods!

What to Bring to a VFP

  1. Your appetite

  2. Vegan food dish to share. EACH person should bring a dish that provides 6 generous servings. if there are two of you, one dish providing 12 servings works great, too! Or you can be creative and bring two dishes.

  3. Homemade foods are the norm. The best part of a VFP is when we all gather with our individual contributions, and we have a wonderful feast of a wide variety of foods. Hopefully we get some ideas for new recipes that we can each make at home. Most people take a lot of pride & care in their contribution, and we are extremely grateful for that.

    • If you are absolutely pressed for time, picking up an already prepared fresh vegan item, like a Black China cake, Sweet Earth pie, something vegan and freshly made a grocery store deli or restaurant may be okay for one time. But please do not make this a regular habit and do not be skimpy. If we wanted to eat food from a restaurant, we'd go to a restaurant dinner.

      • Sorry, bringing a bag of chips OR some other prepackaged food item is not acceptable. We do have other types of activities that don't involve food planning, shopping, cooking, and clean-up.

    • We should not have to say this, but past experience says we must. There is a difference between six servings of food versus six bite-sized pieces of food.

  4. Autographed recipe of your food item (folks may have certain food preferences or food allergies to wheat, nuts, etc). If you use any prepared items in your foods (like soy cheese, fake meats, etc.), please be sure to read the ingredient list closely, and please bring the packaging with you.

    • For example, for soy cheese, there's only a few brands that are truly vegan (no casein). If it just says soy cheese, it most likely is not vegan.

  5. Your personal beverage of choice

  6. Your own reuseable plate/cup/utensils, and any serving utensil needed (we don't want to leave a mess for our hosts or cluter the environment with disposables)

  7. Games, music CDs, announcements, etc. -- optional

  8. Family/friends/companions who always ask "What do you eat?"

This is a Vegan Food Party -- please bring food, not beverages.

If you need vegan food help or some suggestions, please ask the event host, list, or browse recipes from other VFPs, check out Chef Alex's cooking column, or contact us.

You are absolutely encouraged "experiment" and "test" your new vegan recipes on hungry volunteers.

TIP: While vegan soups are very yummy, sometimes they can be difficult to serve at a VFP since they require a bowl, and people usually only bring a plate to eat with. Also, we're not usually eating at a table, so it's difficult to balance both a plate and a bowl on your lap.

What to Do for a VFP:

Summary of what to bring

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