RSVP: Food for Thought Book Club: Slaughterhouse by Gail Eisnitz - canceled - Berkeley - 03/13/10

Original Event Notes: Bay Area Vegetarians has two book clubs; "The Vegan Book Club" reading fiction books, and this one, the "Food For Thought Book Club", reading primarily nonfiction books on the topics of vegetarianism, animal rights, and nutrition. While our sister book club, the Vegan Book Club may be full, we, The Food for Thought Book Club, welcome new members to join us. As a general guideline, everyone is welcome to join us (both veg & non-veg), and we especially encouraging aspiring and new veg*ns to join us.

We are a supportive, low-key, and friendly group. Please note, in consideration of others, including our animal friends, all food and drink consumed during book discussions are vegan.

This month's selection Slaughterhouse by Gail Eisnitz

From google books

"What started out, with a single complaint about a Florida slaughterhouse turned into a tale of intrigue and suspense as investigator Gail A. Eisnitz unearthed more startling information about the meat and poultry Americans consume. This shocking story follows Eisnitz as she becomes submerged in a slaughterhouse subculture, venturing deeper and deeper into the lives of the workers. As the stakes become higher in her David-and-Goliath-type battle, this determined young woman finds herself courageously taking on one of America's most powerful industries. Slaughterhouse takes readers on a frightening but true journey from one slaughterhouse to another throughout the country. Along the way we encounter example after example of mistreated animals...intolerable working conditions...lax standards...the slow, painful deaths of children killed as a result of eating contaminated meat...the author's battle with the major television networks...and a dangerously corrupt federal agency that chooses to do nothing rather than risk the wrath of agribusiness...before the whole affair is blown wide open in this powerful expose. In an effort to understand how such rampant violations could occur right under the noses of U. S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) inspectors - the individuals charged with enforcing humane regulations in slaughterhouses - Eisnitz examines the inspectors' track record for enforcing meat and poultry safety regulations, their primary responsibility. Following a long paper trail, she learns that contaminated meat and poultry are pouring out of federally inspected slaughterhouses and, not surprisingly, deaths from foodborne illness have quadrupled in the United States in the last fifteen years....."

Please check your local library for this book, and check it out -- keep great books like this in circulation in public libraries.

Time: 1 pm
Location: Vegi Food, 2085 Vine Street, Berkeley
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