Sample announcements

The follow are actual announcements that have been used for BAV events. You are welcome and encouraged to use any of the text that you like. Friendly invitations emphasizing food, fun, and fellowship are a hallmark of BAV social events!

For advocacy events like KFC protests, letter writing parties, and leafleting, helping animals and making a difference are just as important as enjoying the event. Yes, enjoying it. After all, we want folks to return! Always mention the Advocacy Rewards Program..


Sample Social Event

Please join us at Bay Leaf Cafe on Tuesday, November 9th at 7:00pm for the monthly Bay Area Vegetarians dinner in the south bay.

Located in downtown Palo Alto, Bay Leaf Café offers delicious soups, sandwiches and ice cream. The Bay Leaf Cafe is vegan owned and operated. ALL DISHES ARE VEGAN and organic when possible. On top of all that the Internet is even available through their wireless access point (pretty hip eh?).

The last dinner we had was so large we almost took over the entire restaurant and BAY LEAF GAVE EVERYONE A 15% DISCOUNT ON DINNER, just because they are that awsome!!!

I really appreciate everyone who has been showing up and am looking forward to seeing some new faces too. :D

Monthly Bay Area Vegetarians Dinner
(Every 2nd Tuesday of the Month.)
Tuesday, November 9th at 7:00pm
Bay Leaf Cafe
520 Ramona Street Palo Alto, CA 94301

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RSVP is not mandatory but strongly encouraged to insure seating with the group. Walk-in's accommodated as space permits. LAST TIME WE ALMOST HAD TO TURN PEOPLE AWAY! PLEASE RSVP!!

RSVP to: (your email address)





Sample Advocacy Event

Why did the activists cross the road?

To Stick Up for the Chickens!

Please join Bay Area Vegetarians as we support PETA's campaign against Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC).

PETA is asking KFC to eliminate the worst abuses that chickens suffer on the factory farms and in the slaughterhouses of its suppliers, including live scalding, life-long crippling, and painful debeaking. The more than 750 million chickens killed each year for KFC are tortured in ways that would result in felony cruelty-to-animals charges if cats or dogs were the victims, but KFC still refuses to make changes. As the leader in the chicken industry, KFC has a responsibility to ensure that the chickens raised for its buckets are protected from the worst cruelties.

Please mark your calendars for the next KFC Protest in Pacifica!  Signs and literature provided. 

What: KFC Protest (Monthly)
Where: Pacifica

When: 11/6/04 Saturday, 1:00pm - 2:00pm

Full Details:
(event link from BAV calendar)

Please RSVP if you plan on joining us... fog is okay, but we will reschedule in case of rain, so a tel # or email where you can be reached is helpful.

Oh!  And for those of you who are counting... all of these KFC protests earn participants points in the Advocacy Rewards Program.

I hope you will consider attending one of these KFC protests, or organizing one of your own.  If ou are already organizing them, please share information on your activities so others may join you (i.e. post to mailing lists, submit to BAV event calendar, etc)  For more information, or to obtain free literature and signs, visit: