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Here is a sample menu with recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Dessert! Each receipe is easy to make and very tasty – try them out, you are sure to be satisfied! Hope you enjoy! We have recommendations for other cookbooks too..... But let’s get started with …

Breakfast – Pancakes Anyone?

AppleJacks [Vegan Vittles, page 58]

¾ cup whole wheat pastry flour
1 teaspoon non-aluminum baking powder (such as Rumford)
½ teaspoon ground cinnamon
½ cup low-fat, nondairy milk
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 Granny Smith apple, peeled and grated (about ¾ cup lightly packed)
3 Tablespoon raisins (optional)

1. Place the flour, baking powder, and cinnamon in a medium mixing bowl, and stir them together.
2. Pour the milk and vanilla extract into the dry ingredients, and stir them together with a wooden spoon to mix well. Stir in the grated apple. Then stir in the raisins, if using.
3. Mist a large skillet with nonstick cooking spray, and place it over medium-high heat. When the skillet is hot, spoon in the batter using 2 level tablespoonfuls for each pancake. Spread out each pancake using the back of a spoon.
4. You will need to cook the pancakes in several batches depending on the size of your skillet. Cook the pancakes until the bottoms are brown, adjusting the heat as necessary. Carefully loosen the pancakes, and turn them over using a metal spatula. Cook the second side briefly, just until golden.

Yield: 2 servings (4 small pancakes per serving)

Per serving: Calories: 213, Protein: 7 gm., Carbohydrates: 43 gm., Fat: 1 gm.
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Lunch- Yum, Sloppy Joes!

Vegan Sloppy Joes [How it all Vegan!, pg. 112]

Tomato Sauce:

4 tbsp olive oil
1 small onion, chopped
4 cloves garlic, minced
16-oz can tomato paste
2 medium OR large tomatoes, chopped
1 tsp salt
1 tsp dried basil
1 tsp dried oregano
1 tsp pepper

1 cup boiling water
1 ½ cups of textured vegetable protein (TVP)
1 medium onion, chopped
1 tbsp oil
1 medium green pepper, chopper
1 medium tomato, chopped
1 large pickle, chopped
1 tbsp Braggs OR soy sauce
1 ½ tsp chili powder
dash of cayenne pepper
dash of allspice
dash of salt

In a blender or food processor, blend together the oil, onion, garlic, tomato paste, tomatoes, salt, basil, oregano, and pepper until you reach the desired consistency. Set aside.

In a medium bowl, pour the boiling water over the TVP and set aside for 10-15 minutes. In a medium saucepan, sauté the onions in oil on medium-high heat until translucent. Lower heat to medium and add the peppers, tomatoes, pickles, Braggs, chili powder, cayenne, allspice, salt, and tomato sauce. Simmer for 5 minutes. Add TVP to saucepan and stir together. Simmer on medium-low heat for another 20-30 minutes and serve over toast or on a bun.

Makes 2-4 servings.
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Dinner – Salad & Soup

Salad – Take your favorite combination of fresh veggie for Salad, and add this extra special salad dressing ….

Sesame-Orange Vinaigrette [The Saucy Vegetarian, pg. 61]
2 tablespoons frozen orange juice concentrate
2 tablespoons water
2 tablespoons brown rice vinegar
1 tablespoon dark sesame oil
1 teaspoon tamari soy sauce
1 teaspoon sugar

Combine all the ingredients in a small bowl, and whisk together until emulsified.

Makes about 1/3 cup. Per tablespoon: Calories 40, Protein 2 g., Fat 0 g, Carbohydrates 4 g
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Cheddary Cheeze Soup [Vegan Vittles, pg. 83]

1 medium potato, peeled and coarsely chopped
1 medium carrot, peeled and coarsely chopped
1 medium onion, coarsely chopped
1 cup water

1 ½ cups lite silken tofu (firm), crumbled
½ cup Red Star Vegetarian Support Formula (T6635+) nutritional yeast flakes
2 Tablespoons fresh lemon juice
1 ¼ teaspoons salt
1 teaspoon onion granules
¼ teaspoon garlic granules

1 cup low-fat, non-dairy milk

1. Place the potato, carrot, onion, and water in a 2-quart saucepan, and bring to a boil. Reduce the heat to medium, cover the saucepan with a lid, and simmer the vegetables, stirring once or twice, for 10 minutes or until they are tender.

2. Puree the soup in batches. To do this, transfer a small portion of the cooked vegetables, some of the cooking water, and a small of amount of each of the remaining ingredients except the milk to a blender. Process each batch until the mixture is completely smooth. Pour the blended soup into a large mixing bowl. Continue processing the rest of the vegetables, the cooking water, and the remaining ingredients in a similar fashion, adding them to the mixing bowl as they are blended.

3. Return the blended soup to the saucepan, and stir in the milk. Place the saucepan over low heat, and warm the soup through, stirring often, until it is hot.

Yield 5 cups
Per cup: Calories: 124, Protein: 11 gm., Carbohydrates: 18 gm., Fat: 1 gm.

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Dessert - Chocolate Upside Down Pudding Cake [How it all Vegan!, pg. 148]

1 cup flour
1 tbsp baking powder
¼ cup coca powder
¼ tsp salt
½ cup dry sweetener
½ cup nondairy margarine
½ cup nondairy milk
1 tsp vanilla extract

¾ cup dry sweetener
¼ cup cocoa powder
2 cups boiling water

Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. In a large bowl, stir together the flour, baking powder, cocoa, and salt. Add the sweetener, margarine, milk, and vanilla and mix together gently until “just mixed.” Spread in a lightly oiled casserole dish or loaf pan. Set aside.

In a medium bowl, mix together the sweetener and cocoa. Sprinkle evenly on top of the cake mixture. Carefully pour the boiling water over top. Note: DO NOT MIX THIS! It will do its own thing in the oven. Bake for 40 minutes. To serve, scoop out portions and serve in a bowl with ice cream (pg. 154).
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Our thanks to Regina & Nicole for sharing some of their favorite recipes with us!

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