Post Your Event

3 Easy Steps

  1. Add your event to the BAVeg Calendar. Use the 'Submit an Event'
    • Once the event has been published, the Calendar Manager will email you the event summary information. It's helpful to include that in your event announcement. Here is an example of what will be provided.

      What: Farmer's Market Leafleting
      Where: Menlo Park
      When: 1/3/09 Saturday, 12:00 pm
      Host: Elizabeth
      RSVP: (link)
      Full Details: (link)

    • RSVP link - All responses sent via the RSVP link will be forwarded to the email you provided in the event listing. It will have a standard email subject line which will include "RSVP" and a short description of your event. (Hint - this can be helpful to find all the RSVPs, since they will have the same subject line.)
    • Full Details link - this will go directly to the event details that you submitted on the calendar entry.

  2. Create an event announcement that includes the following information:
    • A welcome phrase such as "Join Bay Area Vegetarians" or other phrasing to inform the community that this is a BAVeg event
    • Date, time, location (you can use the event summary above)
    • RSVP deadline
    • Group URL -
  3. Send your event announcement to SFBAVEG (more info).
    • Typically we advise sending the initial announcement approximately 3 weeks before the event, with a reminder 10 days preceding, and if there's still space, another reminder 3 days prior.
    • It's also helpful to send a reminder directly to the individuals who have already RSVP'ed, and to remind folks to let you know if their plans have changed and they cannot attend.


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