Sponsor / Host an Event

Bay Area Vegetarians is a local community group. In support of the local community, we host or sponsor events. Vegan Food Parties are our signature event, and as you'll see below, there are many great reasons to host one! As an all volunteer organization, the group is strongly influenced by what activities our volunteers & members choose to host.

There are also many benefits of hosting other types of events for us or having your existing event or activity sponsored by BAVeg. So review the benefits and event guidelines, and let us know if you need any additional information. We also have some tips on how to host an event. We look forward to hearing about your event plans.

Oh! And our philosophy on event hosting: Do what you enjoy! And remember, it doesn't matter how many people show up or how long the event lasts. What matters is that we enjoy ourselves and appreciate the camaraderie of our local veg community with new and old friends.


As a free membership organization, we rely upon our volunteers to host or organize events. Hosting an event for us makes our free membership structure work!

  1. Your event will be listed as a BAVeg event on our calendar.
  2. Your event will appear in our monthly BAVeg Newsletter.
  3. Links to our Events Page are included in every message on the "SFBAVEG" mailing list, and in information to all new members.
  4. Event hosts are highly recognized and appreciated within the BAV community. In fact, VFP hosts and our monthly hosts receive special status: "VIPs" -- "Veggie Important People" !!
  5. You get to meet some wonderful wonderful people in the local community.
  6. Your event will help support folks living a veg lifestyle.
  7. You'll receive our sincere appreciation for your contribution in supporting our local veg community!


If you are interested in hosting an event for us, like a Vegan Food Party, restaurant outing, hike, etc., we have a few simple guidelines.

Likewise, if you are already planning an event, and would like to have your event sponsored by us, the same simple guidelines apply:

  1. Events are advocacy or social type events. Examples of recent events:

    • Vegan Food Party
    • Restaurant outings
    • Letter writing party
    • Movie get-together/dinner afterwards
    • Hike with bring-your-own-lunch
    • Coffee shop get togethers
    • Picnics
    • Sponsor info booth or activity at fair
    • Leafletting or other advocacy activity
  2. Food at the event is vegan
    • Our philosophy is that vegan food is the lowest common denominator, and everyone can eat it. Therefore, when food is served at events, like VFPs or restaurant outings, for the comfort and enjoyment of all guests, our food policy is vegan foods only.
    • For Vegan Food Parties, we have a standard set of guidelines. And, we also have the Top Ten reasons to host a VFP!
  3. If there is a cost involved in the event, it should be only to cover the the event expenses, or be a fundraiser for a non-profit organization whose primary purpose is supporting the veg/AR community.
  4. As the event host, you are representing Bay Area Vegetarians at this event. In this role, please uphold our commitment , values, and objectives.
  5. For advocacy events, we support only peaceful, non-violent, and non-confrontational discussion and strategies.

How to Host an Event

Hosting an event is a fun way to meet new and old friends. Here is our philosophy and some practical tips for getting started (these apply to VFPs and restaurant Eat-Outs).

Vegan Food Parties (VFP)

Restaurant Outings


What's a VFP?

A VFP is a....

Top 10 Reasons to Host a VFP

Do you need more besides the promise of yummy vegan food brought to your home?

  1. Meet new people, make new friends
  2. Try new foods
  3. Find others who share your interests or reasons for veg*nism
  4. Unsuspecting audience to test that new vegan recipe
  5. You think Bay Area Veg is great, and want to support us!
  6. You don't have to drive anywhere, everyone comes to you.
  7. Get (or make!) the latest veggie news and gossip.
  8. Eat and eat and eat until the food runs out (which has not happened yet)
  9. Let pre-vegan folks try our great vegan food.
  10. You want to meet your Bay Area Veg friends "in person"
  11. (bonus reason) You get to keep all the dishes and cutlery that people leave behind!