Membership Benefits

Stand up and be counted! Our membership number is a public statement about vegetarianism, so stand beside us as we work to make the Bay Area even more veg-friendly. We also offer:

  1. Monthly Newsletter to keep you connected & informed
  2. Monthly Events throughout the San Francisco Bay Area (SF, East Bay, South Bay, North Bay, Peninsula)
  3. Diverse range of events from social dinners, hikes and camping trips to advocacy-oriented letter writing parties and cruelty protests
  4. Access to our mailing lists, including SFBAVEG, the largest public discussion list for the San Francisco Bay Area vegetarian and animal rights community, and our online forum
  5. Bay Area Vegetarians provides and manages the following community programs and resources
    • Veggie Mentor Program
    • Compassionate Living Program
    • Advocacy Rewards Programs
    • Ultimate Guide to Vegetarian Living in the SF Bay Area
    • Veg Food Finder
    • Annual Best of Veg contest
  6. And -- best of all -- if you sign up today, it's free!

We welcome both the aspiring and new vegetarian, along with the veg-curious and vegan. We offer a 90-day money-back guarantee: if ya don't enjoy your membership, we will happily offer you a membership refund.

Note: Aside from tabling outreach, all communication happens without the use of paper -- online and via email. This allows us to maintain a low overhead and continue to offer free membership, and saves trees and wildlife habitat, too.


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