Privacy Policy

Information Collected

The information that we collect is primarily email address when individuals subscribe to our newsletter or other mailing lists, submit an entry to our calendar or the Ultimate Guide, or contact us via our website. On the membership form, it is voluntary to provide other information like city.

If you are a user of our forum at, a cookie is used to maintain your login information. If you are a user of yahoogroups, which hosts a few of our mailing lists, there may be cookies used and you should visit the Yahoo website for more information.

How information is used

We do not sell, trade, exchange, or otherwise make available the individual email address or subscription information of our members. We use the information provided only to distribute the mailing list content requested, or to respond to the individual who initiated contact with us.

Junk Mail

We don't like receiving junk mail, nor do we want to be considered junk mail. If you are subscribed to one of our mailing lists and would like to be removed from it, please review the faq for instructions.