Be A Veg Host

How to host an Event or Activity for Bay Area Vegetarians

As an all-volunteer organization, our volunteer hosts play a key role in determining what types of events & activities happen for our group. If you'd like to be more involved (and there's several great reasons why!), here are 4 easy steps to host an event or activity for BAVeg.

4 Easy Steps

  1. Decide what type of an event you want to organize and host, how it fits into our organization's model of providing Community, Advocacy, Resources, and Education. Most social events build community while outreach and advocacy events fall into the Advocacy and Education categories.

  2. Check the calendar to pick a date. It's pretty typical for us to have multiple events on the weekend or even the same day.

  3. Check our event guidelines & write up your event idea.

  4. Contact us with the info

  5. Once approved, post your new BAVeg event

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